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Fusion Plasma Pro

1) Charger

1) Warm Plasma Handpiece

1) Cold Plasma Handpiece

1) Pedal

1) IGNE Holder

1) Chuck Compression Apperatis

1) Probe Holder

1) Hyper Plasma Tip

1)Scalp Plasma Tip

1)3 Pack - 2) Derma & 1) Stamp

1)Jet Plasma Tip

1) Diamond Plasma Tip

1) Ozone Plasma Tip

1) Gold Plasma Tip

Manufacturer Warranty - 1 Year Warranty

NO REFUNDS once the device has shipped or the online training has been acessed


For internationl shipping contact  We only accept direct deposits for international shipping.


Free online course included with purchase of the device. Spanish online training available upon request.

No additional shipping costs.


Product: Electrical Arc Device

Brand: Cold Arc

Manufactured: Turkey


**(Voltage transformer from 120V to 220V is needed to use in the USA /not included & sold seperately)**

ISO 9001 & CE Certified



For the cold plasma feature additional parts need to be purchased such as Argon gas, Pressure regulator & Power converter from 120v to 220v. List included with class and sold seperately on Amazon.

Email: for more details.


Fusion Pro (Hot & Cold)

  • All devices come with a 1 year  manufacturer warranty.  Once you access the online training, there are NO REFUNDS.

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